Whether you clock up a lot of miles or only use your car to get to and from the shops, your car is likely to get dirty very quickly.

A car valet (also known as car detailing) can restore the appearance of your vehicle to how it looked brand new. So whether you’re looking for a clean-up before selling your car to enhance the resale value, or just want to restore and deep clean your motor, a full car valet is certainly the best option.

If you are looking to have a full car valet or car detailing service, we’d be more than happy to help. Here is everything you need to know about our car valet service!

What Is a Car Valet?

Our full valet is designed to give your vehicle’s interior and exterior a thorough deep clean for that original ‘showroom’ appearance.

Not many of us like to spend several hours vacuuming, washing, cleaning, buffing and polishing our cars, which is why using a car detailing company that provides this service can save you a lot of time, hassle, and can give you the most professional clean and finish.

To keep your paintwork intact and to avoid long-term build-up of dirt, we do usually recommend having a valet every six months, although many customers prefer to have a valet carried out more frequently.

A basic car valet is usually the most popular choice for customers looking to keep up the appearance of their cars and is highly suitable for customers looking to sell or for those who have neglected their cars for some time.

What Does a Full Car Valet Include?

A full car valet includes a full vacuum (including the entire interior, seats, boot and side pockets), cleaning and buffing of all surfaces and materials, full leather clean, full interior shampoo clean (of seats, carpets and mats), window cleaning, tyre shine, the removal of tar spots and a full exterior polish. We’ll also add an air freshener to keep your car smelling fresher for longer!

At Parkland Services, we only use the best products on your vehicle to give it a gleaming look, straight out of the showroom.

What Is the Benefit of Having a Car Valet Service?

The biggest benefit of having a car valet is that it keeps your car clean and free of dirt and bacteria, which is why it is an essential service to have if you often forget to clean your car.

Car valets can restore your car to its original showroom condition. This is perfect for when you’re looking to sell your car, and is where a full valet may be more appropriate.

Keeping your car in a clean condition with a regular valet can certainly increase the value of the car, and you may find that a well-kept car can sell for several hundreds of pounds more.

Compared to the average car wash, car valet specialists are highly skilled in providing a top-quality service that keeps the paintwork free from scratches and lasting much longer.

Realistically, not all of us have several hours to dedicate to carrying out our own personal valet from home. Car valeting allows you to have your car professionally cleaned throughout, without the need for you to even be present, giving you the flexibility to get on with your busy day.

How Much Does a Car Valet Cost?

Our car valet service starts from just £15 and can go up to £150 depending on the level of service required.

How Long Does a Car Valet Take?

The duration of time it takes for us to carry out your car valet will depend entirely on the type of valet service you choose. The basic valet service can take up to two hours, whereas a full valet service can take up most of the day. This ensures we have enough time to thoroughly vacuum, wash, clean, buff and polish your vehicle.

Car Valet in Loughborough

Our trained vehicle valeters have a wealth of experience cleaning cars and know how to give your vehicle that new car feel.

To book a car valet, use our online booking form or call us on 01509 232232.