Car Air Conditioning in Loughborough

Repair or Re-gas your Vehicles air conditioning system in Loughborough.

Many people ignore their air conditioning, assuming that there is nothing that needs doing. These people often find out the hard way while making a 5-hour journey on the hottest day of the year!

Regular re-gassing and cleaning of your vehicle's air conditioning system will ensure that it keeps working, sending out temperature that is regulated and fresh to either keep you cool in the heat or to help keep your windows clear in the cold of Winter.

How often should you regas your air conditioning?

Correctly maintaining your cars air conditioning unit will put less strain on the engine and also improve fuel efficiency. We can offer R-134a and R-1234f gas for your aircon service, leaving your car's air conditioning in top condition when we deliver the car to you. When conducting an air conditioning service for your car, you can be confident in reliable regassing as our team are all experienced here at parkland Services.

It is recommended that you should regas your car air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, to keep it running efficiently. If you are unsure if your air conditioning is working properly, we can run a free temperature test or leak test to find out whether you would benefit from a regas or if your system needs repair

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